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The Roebling Historical Society was founded in 1980 to preserve and promote the cultural significance and lasting legacy of the John A. Roebling and Sons Co., and the citizens of Roebling NJ. The original goal was to open a museum highlighting the Company and the Town and their contributions to America's industrial development. This vision was realized in 2008 with the opening of the Roebling Museum, at which point the Roebling Historical Society in its original form became inactive. In late 2019, realizing that the community was missing the vitality it once had, several original members and few new faces gathered together to revive the Historical Society with the goal of bringing back community events and highlighting the unique history of Roebling. 


Well what we hope to do is bring the community together.  We hope to educate, bring back past events, and put on new events.   


Roebling NJ, nestled along the Delaware River, was the site of Roebling Steel and Wire Mills, and the birthplace of several of our nation's most famous bridges. A planned company town, Roebling has been a tight-knit community from its inception. 

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