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The Roebling Historical Society
Proudly Announces the Availability of the
George Lengel Jr.
Community Advancement
and Services Scholarship

If you -

  • are eligible to graduate from high school in 2024;

  • reside in Florence Township;

  • have a documented and independently verifiable record of performing community service;

  • plan to continue your studies beyond high school (college or accredited workforce development training program); and,

  • maintained not less than average academic standing during your high school experience; then,

Please apply below. The Roebling Historical Society expects to select at least two award recipients, each of whom will receive a scholarship distribution of up to $1,000.00.  

More information for completing the application process will be sent to candidates who apply on or before February 29, 2024.  This will include a required 500-word essay describing your personal volunteer work experience, your continuing commitment toward community advancement and services, and your career development objectives.  

Apply Now

Thanks for submitting!

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